12 Benefits Conditional Love Conditioner

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Introducing Conditional Love 30-second hair moisturizer, an innovative hair conditioner that seals in moisture, mends, and restores hair texture in less than one minute.


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Conditional Love is precisely blended with avocado oil, imported argan oil, and noni-berry fruit (rich in antioxidants). The combination instantly nourishes and shines, while plant pectin strengthens. Our unique hair repair masque penetrates hair cuticles, eliminates the need for under-the-dryer heat, and leaves hair bouncy.

Conditional Love is delicately scented with pomegranate and may be used daily.

The 12 Benefits™  of Conditional Love 30-Second Hair Moisturizer:

Hair repair masque +
Seals in moisture +
Mends +
De-frizzes +
Restores texture +
Avocado oil treats +
Argan oil nourishes +
Plant pectin strengthens +
Noni-berry antioxidant defends +
High gloss shine +
Hair feels bouncy +
Anti-age ingredients keep hair youthfu

How To

Instructions for use:

After 12 Benefits mousse shampoo, apply to wet hair. Leave in 30 seconds. Rinse.

Used and recommended by the finest hairdressing salons

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