Ava Haircare
Ava Haircare

Advanced. Velocity. Argan.

Introducing AVA, hair care sourced from all the elements of the world to treat coarser hair textures. Tame, smooth, soothe, enrich, beautify, advance with our exclusively sourced, argan-infused formulas.

Richness defined. What your hair needs.

AVA is you.

AVA hair care takes its cue from goddesses like you. With formulas infused with Advanced Velocity Argan oil to smooth, soothe, strengthen, and silkify thick, coarse hair textures. Other ingredients have been specifically chosen from the exotic jungle, the depths of the ocean, and especially from the deserts where moisture-rich plants understand what’s needed to thrive.

Shampoos, conditioners, stylers, finishers. All to make you dazzling. To release your own velocity for living.

Advanced. Velocity.

AVA hair care challenges the idea of ordinary and elevates each product to the realm of wow. Different than others because it’s created for specific textures. Targeted to smooth, strengthen, soothe and silkify coarse hair types. This is the promise of our key ingredient.


Enriched, Advanced Velocity Argan oil is produced from the fruit kernels of the Argania Spinosa, or Argan Tree. It grows in canopies in Morocco, in the driest parts of the Sahara Desert. For centuries, those living in this harsh climate have used Argan to protect and nourish both skin and hair, cracking the nuts by hand and cold-pressing the extract the oil

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  1. AVA Hairstyler
    AVA Hairstyler
  2. AVA Haircare Hair Oil
    AVA Haircare Hair Oil
  3. Ava Haircare Moisture Shampoo
    Ava Haircare Moisture Shampoo
    As low as $31.95
  4. Ava Haircare Moisture Condition
    Ava Haircare Moisture Condition
    As low as $31.95
  5. AVA Haircare Smoothing Shampoo
    AVA Haircare Smoothing Shampoo
    As low as $30.95
  6. AVA Haircare Smoothing Conditioner
    AVA Haircare Smoothing Conditioner
    As low as $30.95
  7. Ava Haircare Curl Shampoo
    Ava Haircare Curl Shampoo
    As low as $30.95
  8. Ava Haircare Curl Conditoner
    Ava Haircare Curl Conditoner
    As low as $30.95
  9. AVA Haircare Volume Boosting Conditioner
    AVA Haircare Volume Boosting Conditioner
    As low as $29.95
  10. AVA Haircare Volume Boosting Shampoo
    AVA Haircare Volume Boosting Shampoo
    As low as $29.95
  11. Ava Haircare Curl Cream
    Ava Haircare Curl Cream
  12. AVA Haircare Styling Gel
    AVA Haircare Styling Gel
  13. Ava Haircare Texture Spray
    Ava Haircare Texture Spray
  14. Ava Haircare Styling Pomade
    Ava Haircare Styling Pomade
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