Yon-ka Solar Care Prolongateur de Bronzage

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After-sun lotion, Regenerating, Progressive glow All skin types, Face, Body Day
Double action: anti-stress repairing treatment with an irresistible glow. Golden effect. As glamorous as it is brilliant, this after-sun lotion is both a true stress-free repairing treatment and irresistible complexion enhancer: regenerating, hydrating, soothing, it helps the epidermis to recover after sun exposure. Leaves the skin with a delicate satin feel, which prolongs the natural radiance of your tan, day after day.
• Imperata cylindrica: hydrating • Grape seed oil: restructuring, softening, nourishing • DHA, erythrulose: self-tanning • Bisabolol, vitamin B5: soothing • Vitamin E, three tea polyphenols and vitamin A: anti-oxidant, protecting, regenerating • Yon-Ka Quintessence (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): vitalizing and balancing 150ml t
How To
Apply the lotion evenly to the face and body. Renew the application every day in order to prolong your natural tan. After 5 days, you will reach the maximum glow intensity. Important: Avoid contact with the eyes. Wash your hands after use.