Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision-Blossom

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Tria Hair Removal Lasers have three times more treatment energy than any other at-home hair removal device for permanent results.


With the same permanent results in our smallest package, Tria Laser Precision is a slim and ergonomic wonder designed for smaller, more sensitive areas like the bikini line or nderarms. It's portable and lightweight allowing you to easily remove unwanted hair with permanent results.

Tria Precision
How To

Step 1: Prep your skin

Cleanse, shave and towel-dry for
the most effective treatment.

Step 2: Select a
treatment level

Customize your comfort level with three treatment levels. Start on low, and work your way up to a higher setting.

Step 3: Choose
an area and begin

Treat the desired body part every two weeks. Continue treatments as necessary for desired results.

Using the Tria Hair Removal Laser as directed for at least 8 treatments, most users will achieve a substantial visible reduction in hair regrowth, and additional treatments may result in additional reductions. Depending on skin tone, hair color, body part, treatment level, and other factors, individual results from laser hair removal may range from complete reduction to little or no reduction.

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