Borghese energia Vitamin E Antioxidant Creme

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Borghese energia Vitamin E Antioxidant Creme
This unique gel-creme contains a powerful punch of antioxidants chosen for their age-defying efficacy. A moisturizing formula that helps brighten skin and protect it from environmental toxins.
Vitamin E, a superstar antioxidant, helps protect from the damaging effects of free radicals Fermented Shiunko Oil, derived from Chinese herbs, helps smooth and brighten skin, increase suppleness, and maintain skin balance Citrus Lemon Flower Extract helps increase the visible appearance of elasticity and skin firmness Glutathione, a super-power antioxidant found in plants and fungi, helps protect skin against free radicals and toxins while evening skin tone
How To
FOR AM and PM. After cleansing and toning skin, apply to face and neck. A little goes a long way; smooth onto skin with gentle, upward strokes. For maximum efficacy, apply after ENERGIA Daily Vitamin Toner and/or Retinol Renewal Night Oil.
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