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Leyla Milani Hair Glossilocks Shine Spray

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Milani Hair Glossilocks Shine Spray
Glossilocks is an instant brilliant shine spray. With its light, melon-y scent, it adds clear shine to dry or dull hair, smooths down frizzy or fried ends and dries clear without a trace. Glossilocks is an alcohol and oil free formula that will never weigh your hair down. It also has protective sun-filters to help prevent sun damage. Directions: Use on wet or dry hair before or after styling. Perfect on all hair types. Hold bottle 10 to 12 inches away from hair and spray.
How To
We recommend brushing your Leyla Milani Hair extensions with our Miracle Brush and using our Rescue Me Hair Mask. Remember these are 100% real human hair extensions and should be cared for just as you would your own lovely locks. We suggest using a mild shampoo and conditioner (sulfate-free ones work best) to wash your Milani Hair. You don't need to wash it as frequently as your own hair; just when you feel it needs it. Do not brush your Leyla Milani Hair when it's wet and be gentle when washing. You can use a wide-tooth comb to brush it out or use your fingers. Do not sleep in or swim with your Milani Hair attached as it can cause tangling and damage. Once dry, style as desired.
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