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Ollie Belle - Maskne Duo

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Acne Cover Dots features: Hydrocolloid, Non-drying, Waterproof, Tapered Edges, Dual-Layered, Reduce Scarring, Helps Healing, Matte and Invisible Mask Acne Fighting Components: Antibacterial- Ultraviolet (ATB-UV), Silver Nano Technology, Phytoncide,
Comes with 1 Mask and 12 Acne dots The Dots: Cover Dot Acne Care is a drug-free and safe adhesive made to aid faster healing and reduce scarring. Using dual-layered, micro-thin technology, Cover Dot is the first FDA-registered medical-grade acne patch made in the United States. Unlike medicated treatments, Cover Dot creates a moist healing environment with the ideal pH level to work with your skin to absorb your spot without drying out the skin. The Fabric: ATB-UV + Silver Nano, Antibacterial & Antimicrobial fabric is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria. 99% UV protection Dries Quickly, Absorbs moisture quickly which prevents bacteria from forming. Phytoncide- aroma of the forest, Phytoncide is an organic plant compound with anti-inflammatory properties. Plants release phytoncide to defend themselves against harmful insects and decomposition. Revitalizes skin texture, soothe inflamed skin, combats pollution. Masks are processed with phytoncide microcapsules using an air purification system that sterilizes harmful substances and emits a natural phytoncide. The combination of ATB-UV + Silver Nano Technology and Phytocide provides protection and helps prevent acne and irritation caused by synthetic and fabric masks,
How To
Cover Dot seals the infected spot. Hydrocolloid technology extracts exudate from pimple. Cover dot changes from clear to white when oil and pus have been absorbed. Replace when dot turns from translucent to white, overnight or typically after 4-6 hours.
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