Rilastil Progression HD Brightness Activator

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Illuminating anti-aging serum to help lift, smooth, and firm maturing skin
Hormonal aging leads to a dulled complexion, dark spots, and more pronounced wrinkles, Progression HD Brightness Activator blurs the signs of aging in a fast absorbing serum. Its synergistic combination of active ingredients tone, tighten, and brighten the skin. After just 6 days, pigmentation production decreases by 35%, while optical diffusers immediately illuminate the skin for a more radiant appearance. Pair with Progression HD Brightness Intensifier to maximize results.
How To
Application: In the morning and evening, dispense dime size amount of PROGRESSION HD Cream into hands. Add 2-3 drops of PROGRESSION HD Drops. Mix the products to warm to the body temperature. Apply, massaging delicately with slow and circular movements, until its completely absorbed.
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