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Satin Color Reverse

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Satin Color Reverse
• Takes you back to your original color • Gently removes permanent & semi-permanent hair color • Takes only 20 minutes, not hours in a salon. • Safe and easy. • No ammonia, bleach, or peroxide. • Re-color the same day.
Color Reverse lives up to it's name It gently reverses the last oxidative color process (color mixed with developer). When color is mixed with peroxide the color oxidizes and swells in the hair shaft to create new color. Color Reverse shrinks those color molecules so they wash out of the hair. Color Reverse has no ammonia or bleach so you can re-color the same day. Because it has no bleach or ammonia it is odorless.
Flexibility is the key ingredient Color Reverse can be used the same day to remove a color mishap or weeks later to remove the last color process from the hair. As with any color removal system, black will always be the most difficult color to remove.
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