Bumble and bumble Full Potential Booster Spray

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Highly Potent Strengthening Spray

This highly potent treatment promotes strength and elasticity when used as a part of the Full Potential regimen.


• Density: fine to thick
• Texture: straight to curly
• Type: breakage-prone or thinning

Energizing Creatine: Helps keep hair looking healthy.

Invigorating Menthol: Offers a cool, tingling sensation (oooh!).

Formula with UV absorbers: helps protect hair against UV damage.

How To

Twice a day, spray onto damp or dry hair from roots to ends and comb through. For best results, start with Full Potential Shampoo and Conditioner.
Note: The Booster Spray’s directional spray pattern allows for optimal application to the scalp. For alternative usage, spray directly into hands and work through.