Ollie Belle

Fed up with unending beauty rituals, messy creams for acne, and scars from popping pimples. Ollie Belle's vision is to make skincare a breezy, safe experience. Ollie Belle was born under Smartmed, which has been exporting and importing hydrocolloid bandages to medical professionals in the United States and Asia for 20 years. They developed the first hydrocolloid acne dots made in the U.S. for export and distribution to Asia. Five years later, Smartmed started distribution of Cover Dot Acne Care in the U.S. Their acne patch is the first acne patch to be made in the U.S. and FDA registered - and is made with the same hydrocolloid technology that is contained in bandages that are used by medical professionals - to ensure the utmost level of compliance and quality for consumers at a reasonable price.