Professional cosmetologists are exposed to hair and skin products many times every day - much more so than the typical consumer. With that in mind, DermOrganic strives to develop products with only the most safe and natural ingredients available to minimize the occupational hazards of long-term exposure to cosmetic ingredients in the salon. This healthful philosophy also benefits the salon client who use DermOrganic products at home. Many of our clients are people concerned about the ingredients they put on their hair and skin, or who are prone to negative allergic style reactions to standard hair and skin care ingredients. DermOrganic products are made with 100% certified Organic ingredients wherever possible. DermOrganic ingredients are vegetable sourced. DermOrganic contains no animal by products and has never been tested on animals. DermOrganic products contain no sulfates, parabens, glycols, DEA, MEA or colorants of any kind. Alcohol-free, our products are naturally preserved.
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