Epicuren Bio Peptide Complex Serum

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A high potency serum that works to relax the appearance of fine lines and pronounced wrinkles, resulting in remarkable visual improvements. This peptide-rich complex reignites your skin, empowering it to look more plump, firm, and contoured, while minimizing the appearance of large pores and surface imperfections.

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Bio Peptide is an innovative anti-wrinkle formulation, utilizing clinical strength peptides to visually reverse years of aging caused by facial expression wrinkles and collagen degradation. This exceptional serum is designed to be an effective and gentle alternate option or enhancement to costly injections, providing a natural, line-free result within moments of application. 
By age 30, stress factors have already begun to make their mark, producing sagging, lax skin, and as a result of collagen degradation, pores begin to appear larger. With continuous use of the Bio Peptide Complex Serum the face appears more contoured, as lines and pores fade from sight. 
The muscles responsible for facial expressions are contracted when they receive neurotransmitters released at the neuromuscular juncture. An excess of these chemical signals lead to a consistent skin strain, and as a result, wrinkles begin to appear. The revolutionary peptides contained in this serum create a smoothe, youthful, and wrinkle-free appearing complexion. 
This complex serum is in a light-weight base of Glycerin, ideal for combination to oily skin types, and for layering with your other favorite Epicuren products.

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