Eyeris Beauty-Fearless Lashes

ITEM: 63198

It's time to TURN UP with the Fearless Eyelash! 


It's time to TURN UP with the Fearless Eyelash! The abundance amount of silk hairs are truly long enough to fly away from any B.S. The Fearless eyelash adds volume, thickness, and creates a dramatic look. The strands on the Fearless eyelash are longer in length and create an illusion of larger eyes. And did we mention - the Fearless eyelash weighs the lightest in our collection? The lightweight and voluminous feel of these lashes will truly empower you to dominate any day or night. 


Wear Period: Up to 20 times with care
Material: Poly-Fibre Material (Synthetic Silk)
Length: 19mm
Does not come with lash glue 

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