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Frankie Rose 5 Shade Eye Shadow Palette

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Frankie Rose 5-Shade Pallette in delectable shade ranges from dark to high light.
What is it: An all-in-one five shade shadow palette that has everything you need to brighten your eyes: lid, crease, highlight and brow colors. Be fierce, be sweet, or be both with flattering colors that will be sure to turn heads!
How To
To get the most of your Frankie Rose palette, use the lighter colors as base on the lid using our PRO Blend i Brush, use darker colors in the crease using our PRO Shade i Brush, and use the lighter colors under the brow using our PRO Precision i Brush. Finish the eye look with our Infinity Eye Pencil followed with our Lush Lengthening Mascara for the longest, show-stopping lashes.
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