Elchim Dryer 8th Sense

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8thSense hairdryer is quiet, powerful and sensitive.
8 types of hair exist and every type needs a specific air flow and temperature. 8thSense is the very first dryer that fits all eight existing types of hair, from thick hair to thin hair, to very delicate baby fine hair, to fragile and damaged hair. With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator the 8thSense dryer can regulate temperature and air flow with infinite combinations. 8thSense hairdryer is quiet, powerful and sensitiv


  1. Dryer is engineered by Elchim to dry and style hair with a perfect heat control system making the hairdryer suitable for any type of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate.
  2. New Elchim BLCD motor is tested for over 5,000 hours of use, is extremely lightweight lowering risk of carpal tunnel and reducing drying time even on thick course hair.
  3. New Elchim BLCD motor has no carbon brushes. Huge improvement for your hair and the environment
  4. Ionic & Ceramic system prevents hair from overheating, dries hair from inside out and increases natural shine.
  5. The back laser-cut filter has been designed to reduce hair penetration in the dryer and to increase air volume.
  6. Motor inside is protected from hair entrance. This technology ensures a longer motor life.
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