Hot Tools Ionic Anti-Static Professional Dryer - Royal Velvet 1023PL

Brand: Hot Tools
ITEM: 20266
Hot Tools Ionic Anti-Static Professional Dryer - Royal Velvet 1023PL
20% of 100
1 Review
20% of 100
1 Review
•1875 watts - High airflow and maximum heat
•2 Speed / 6 heat combinations with separate switches for total control of heat and airflow
•Cool shot for setting the style
•Comfortable, rubberized handle
•Removable lint filter for easy cleaning, longer motor life
•Lightweight – Only 16 oz.
•Strong airflow – 710 ft/min
•Hanging ring / cord guard
•8-ft cord
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  1. The Worst Blow Dryer I Ever Wasted Money On
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    I purchased this blow dryer for the first time in March of 2014 and upon purchasing it the tool was fine. It was about a week into the use of the tool that I noticed that I had to wait at least 30-60 seconds for the dryer to warm up. I ignored this minor detail up until about July of 2014 when the tool would not heat up at all. It was now not functional at all which caused me to return to the place I bought it (Plant Beauty). I was unable to return to the exact location due to my demanding wok schedule (Ontario Mills) so I went to the closest convenient to me which was the Shoppes in Chino Hills.

    I was lucky enough that the manager was in the store at the time and I explained the problem I had experience with my new Hot Tools blow dryer. She said that normally all tools are final sale but since I did not want a refund and this tool apparently was having issues from the start she would help me out and exchange it.

    I came back the next day with my tool in tow and she informed me that they did not have the model in my exact color but a call to the Ontario Mills location found what I needed and I did end up going back there after work for the exchange.

    The tool was fine for about a month until the same issue began with the heating. Now the replacement tool must stay on the entire time I need it or I have to wait 30-60 seconds for it to warm up, and another 30 seconds for it to blow out something more than just warm air but the hot heat needed that the tool is supposed to use.

    I’m upset that I paid this much money for a tool to go out and now that the second tool has been in regular use for about 5 months now with no drops, and has not traveled with me anywhere but from under my bathroom counter cabinet to the counter above, I think it is now safe to say this blow dryer is the biggest waste of my money when it comes to hair tools. I have never bought a hot tools product of any kind before and I do not ever intend to waste my money on something when I could have gotten something much better for my dollar.

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