Mavala Flex Serum

Brand: Mavala
ITEM: 2048
Mavala Flex Serum
Mava-flex is a well-balanced concentrate serum which restores and maintains flexibility of very dry, very hard nails. It penetrates, moisturises and strengthens nails resulting in healthy, flexible, shiny and soft nails that do not break. Mava-flex key ingredients include: Urea and saccharides: target the optimum moisture balance for a better, more flexible nail Calcium: fortifying and strengthening Lemon essential oil and vitamin B5: help reinforce nail structure
How To
Brush onto the entire nail surface, after having removed any trace of nail polish. Massage in, leave to penetrate. If you continue with your manicure, make sure you first remove any excess product with tissue. To be used twice a week on bare nails, ideally before going to bed, to allow this serum to act during the night.
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