Million Dollar Tan Essential Kit

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Million Dollar Tan Essential Kit

This essential kit includes our famous sunless tanning spray, sunless tanning lotion and exfoliating body scrub. Use Tan Icon spray or Cabana Tan lotion based on how you feel that day! Both produce the same natural color, but in different forms. Tan Icon has instant color so you can see it going on. Cabana Tan is a clear lotion, perfect for day or night application. Body Buffer is used in the shower before your sunless tanning application. You will love this Million Dollar Tan Essential Sunless Tanning Kit. Get ready for a gorgeous glow that you just can't get enough of!


Sodium PCA - Naturally occurring in skin, sodium PCA is the body’s own moisturizer derived from amino acids.  It holds water close to skin, yet dries quickly and never feels oily.  It’s the ultimate hydrator for truly flawless skin.


Bamboo Powder - Bamboo is naturally rich in exfoliating silica, making it perfect to smooth and refine skin before tanning.  It’s even an ancient remedy for reducing cellulite and wrinkles.


Jojoba Oil - First used by Native Americans for its emollient properties, jojoba oil can soothe and replenish even the driest skin.  It’s derived from the nutrient rich seeds of the jojoba plant and provides relief for dry or sun stressed skin.  

How To



Cabana Tan: Rub Cabana Tan into your entire body, just like lotion. (Don't forget the face, it won't clog pores!) Wash the palms of your hands. THEN, rub regular body lotion into your entire hands and feet. This will blend the sunless tanner perfectly on these difficult areas. The hands and feet are always the trickiest when doing sunless tanning. The skin is often dry and absorbs a lot of sunless tanner. Rubbing in a little body lotion helps to slightly dilute the DHA for a very real looking tan. 

Tan Icon: To apply Tan Icon, gently spritz your body and blend with a blending brush (included!). Be careful not to over-saturate dry areas (hands, feet, elbows, knees) or apply Blend Up barrier cream to these areas, prior to your tan. Tan Icon can also be added to your moisturizer as a quick tanning touch-up. Simply spritz Tan Icon into your hand, add body lotion and blend together. Rub on your entire body, just like body lotion. 

Body Buffer: Use Body Buffer in the shower before your sunless tanning session. Gently rub into the skin, head to toe, to remove the dead skin cells on the outer layer of skin. Leaves skin fresh and clean.

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