Molton Brown Oudh Accord & Gold Nourishing Body Lotion

ITEM: 52935

A luxurious body lotion blended with rich oudh accord and droplets of real gold. 


This luxurious and moisturizing body cream is the perfect way to scent your skin with the aromas of a mystical eastern forest. Perfect for a post-shower or bathing treat.

Our enhanced Nourishing Body Lotion formulations have been clinically tested by an independent testing house to make sure the results are tip-top. So don't just take our word for it - find out what the guys in white coats have to say:

- Skin moisture levels increased threefold moments after application.
- Skin moisture levels remain doubled even after 24 hours.
- 100% of customers would recommend to a friend.

*Data based on clinical trial with 40 men and women.

Best for
This moisturizing body lotion is perfect for those who wish to fragrance and look after their skin with deep and mysterious woody aromas from the east. A sumptuous body cream to create a sense of opulence.


Top note: spicy nutmeg oil.
Heart note: elemi oil.
Base note: rich oudh accord.
Extract: exquisite gold leaf.

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