Phyto Secret De Nuit Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment

Brand: Phyto
ITEM: 43429
Phyto Secret De Nuit Hydrating Regenerating Night Treatment
SECRET DE NUIT goes to work as you sleep to regenerate the hair fiber deep down. Upon waking, hair is delicately scented, regenerated and protected. It is shiny, supple and manageable. 91%* of women who tested SECRET DE NUIT agreed that upon waking, hair is repaired, soft and regenerated.
Macadamia oil and ceramides, encapsulated in chronospheres, are time-released for night-long intense hydration, nourishment and repair. During the night, when hair is least exposed to external aggression, black grape procyanidins and black orchid extract form a protective shield to combat oxidation
How To
Before going to bed, brush the hair and then spread a walnut sized amount of the product through your hands. Apply throughout hair, whether dry or towel-dried, avoiding the roots. Repeat 2 or 3 times, depending on the porosity and thickness of your hair. Comb through to ensure an even distribution. Upon waking, style the hair as normal.
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