RODIN olio lusso Luxury Face Cream

Brand: Rodin
ITEM: 36340
This ultra-luxe, oil-infused face cream provides soothing hydration that conditions and comforts. Instantly plumps skin with moisture so it glows with a renewed look of health and vitality. This 95% naturally derived formula is powered by a potent blend of botanical oils, super-emollient natural butter and our signature olio lusso oil blend all expertly combined to provide optimal skin nourishment. Its intoxicating yet subtle scent is light and neutral, making it ideal for layering with other RODIN favorites.
How To
Apply to clean face and neck each morning and night. Gently warm the cream in your fingertips. Hold in front of your face. Breathe deeply to appreciate its aromatherapeutic benefits before smoothing all over. Can be layered with your favorite Rodin olio lusso Face Oil as desired. Use morning and night.