Sexy Hair Blonde Shining Star

Brand: Sexy Hair
ITEM: 48241 | SIZE: 3.4oz
Sexy Hair Blonde Shining Star

Shining Star Shine Enhancing & Color Preserving Spray is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, the shiniest and sexiest of all blondes. Crafted with its very own Perfect-Balance Technology, it feeds blonde hair just what it needs to stay bright, hydrated and strong. It protects hair color with its UV filters to keep hair bright and beautiful.


Chamomile- Enhances vibrancy in blonde & keep it bright

Honey- Helps restore moisture, leaves hair soft & hydrated

Quinoa- Gluten Free Protein repairs hair by penetrating the cortex for deep conditioning & shine

Royal Jelly Extract- Conditioning, boosts reflective index

Gold Ferment- Adds extra shine to blonde hair

How To

Spray evenly on dry hair for weightless shine and a polished finish.

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