Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Shaping Crème

Brand: Sexy Hair
ITEM: 41120 | SIZE: 3.4oz
Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Shaping Crème
This crème conditions hair while helping to create soft-looking and durable medium holding styles. Leaves hair with a beautiful and rich finish and provides flexibility to reshape hair as often as needed. Protects hair from humidity while providing durable all-day hold. This product offers a flexible, medium hold in a conditioning crème formula with a soft finish. Shaping Crème is flake free and dries without a crunchy finish, washes out easily with no waxy buildup.
Copolymer Humidity resistant, durable all-day control. Will not flake, sweat resistant.
How To
Use a small amount on damp hair to create a soft finished shape or apply to dry hair for a firmer hold.
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