Sol De Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream 8.1 oz

ITEM: 10075
When it comes to beautiful skin, Brazilians are obsessed—treating it to super fitness and superfoods. Power yours up to Rio Radiance with an infusion of Amazonian Açaí Oil, the super potent anti-oxidant powerhouse in its purest form. It actively fights free radicals leaving skin supple, resilient and replenished. Ultra nourishing Cupuaçu Butter and super conditioning Coconut Oil make skin feel as luscious as it looks. Deliciously crisp, clean Açaí fragrance refreshes like no other. Extra fine peachy mica flecks give off an irresistible afterglow, after anything – from morning showers to moonlit midnights. Care for your skin like a true Carioca (a person from Rio de Janeiro) with Açaí Power Body Cream.
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