Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Bath Bomba

ITEM: 68930

A luxurious bath bomb infused with our addictive Bum Bum Cream fragrance and packed with skin-loving ingredients for an indulgent, sensorial escape.


Indulge in an effervescent soak packed with skin-loving Algae Extract, Sea Salt, Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil. Our Bum Bum Bath Bomba will whisk you away to Rio's beautiful beaches: the warm wet sand, perfect for playtime, and rippling turquoise waters with serene seafoam, provide the perfect back drop for total relaxation. One half represents sand, one half represents the sea, and together they are a completely immersive experience. You will emerge from the tub with detoxified and nourished skin. Lightly scented with our signature Pistachio and Salted Caramel Cheirosa '62 fragrance. This pairs beautifully with our award-winning, cult favorite Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.


Algae Extract - One of the most nutrient-rich ingredients on the planet uses pure plant power to hydrate and condition your skin, all while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals.

Sea Salt - Known for deep cleansing and drawing out impurities from the deepest layers of your skin, while treating achy muscles, so that you look as beautiful as you feel.

Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Beauty Blend - The best ingredients that the Amazon has to offer, now in your bathtub. Powered by nourishing Cupuaçu Butter, anti-oxidant powerhouse Açaí Oil, and softening Coconut Oil for irresistible, touch me skin.

How To

Fill up your tub with warm water and pop in our Bomba like a Brazilian goddess. Watch as your bath water turns turquoise and transports you to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

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