St. Tropez Gradual Tan 1 minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse

Brand: St Tropez
ITEM: 69612 | SIZE: 4oz

 World’s first 1 minute Pre-Shower tan


 World’s first 1 minute Pre-Shower tan

Sunkissed glow from day 1 that gradually builds

Re-apply daily or leave on for longer for a deeper glow

Streak-free and easy to apply with no self tan smell and no transfer

Easily fits in to your daily regime and ideal for a subtle year-round glow everyday

Tried and Tested*

Clinically proven to be double the colour in less than half the time.**

- 97% of women loved how easy it was to use

- 84% agrees that it is the most convenient way to tan

- 80% said that the they got a natural healthy looking glow after using Gradual Tan Pre-Shower Mousse

How To

Apply to dry skin and shower off after just 1 minute

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