TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Conditioner

Brand: TIGI
ITEM: C14553
Keep colour charged. Colour Goddess™ conditioner, infused with sweet almond oil, deposits a micro-layer of water repelling agents on the hair, without feeling heavy. This indulgent formula contains nourishing shea butter, Vitamin E, and keratin. Developed to help smooth down the cuticle and to deliver lipids to the hair. Oil defence for electrifying colour. Bed Head® Colour Care for serial hair abusers. Enhances and boosts colour vibrancy and shine. Helps to close the cuticle that has been opened up during colouring. Moisturises and conditions resulting in strikingly soft hair.
Sweet Almond Oil - Quickly absorbed into the hair. Smoothes, softens. Vitamin E - Essential nutrient and antioxidant. Lactic Acid - Lowers hair pH to close the cuticle. Shine emulsion - Adds shine and vibrancy to coloured hair
How To
"Giving a cold rinse after conditioning helps to close and seal down the cuticle even more which is great for colored hair." John Harte, TIGI Creative Team Assistant Use following Colour Goddess™ shampoo to keep colour electric.
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