Yon-ka Age Correction Phyto 52

Brand: Yonka
ITEM: 10938
Anti-ageing, Firming, Vitalizing All skins, lacking in firmness Night
The multi-function firming cream. This refined, fast-absorbing night cream has a powerful rosemary base that restores firmness and oxygenates to tone the skin, shape the face, invigorate the complexion, and share its phyto-aromatic benefits to the whole body. Toned skin, firmer, cleared complexion, tighter pores.
• Yon-Ka Quintessence (essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme): forming – revitalizing: • Beech bud peptides: restructuring – smoothing • Hazelnut oil: nourishing • Aloe vera, plant glycerin: hydrating • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant 40ml t
How To
In the evening, after cleansing and spraying on LOTION YON-KA, apply the cream to the face and neck. For maximum firming action, use the cream in combination with GALBOL 90 concentrate.