Yon-ka Body Essentials Nutri-Protect Mains

Brand: Yonka
ITEM: 21378
Repairing, Comforting, Anti-aging Dry, rough, chapped and damaged hands Day & Night
3 in 1 treatment for hands, nails and cuticles. With its elegant texture, this ultra-comforting hand cream bursts with benefits when it comes to repairing the driest and most damaged of skin. Rich in ingredients renowned for their restructuring, nourishing and hydrating properties, it helps preserve a youthful appearance for hands, and ensures their protection against harsh environmental factors (water, wind, cold, dry air, etc.). Quickly absorbed, it leaves skin soft, supple, smooth and silky, as if draped in silk.
• Shea butter: repairing - nourishing - protective • Grape seed oil rich in essential fatty acids: restructuring • Vitamin B5, bisabolol: comforting – soothing • Vegetable glycerin: hydrating: • Vitamins A, C, E : anti-oxidant – regenerating • Essential oils of sweet orange, grapefruit, mandarin, and magnolia: refreshing phyto-aromatic effects 50ml t
How To
Apply the cream to dry, clean skin, and massage from the fingertips towards the wrists. For damaged or cracked hands, apply frequently
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