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It's Self-care Saturday! Take 20 Minutes For A Facial Masking Session.

With everything going on in the world, one thing that you can do to stay healthy is take time for yourself.

This week’s tip: Masking

find time for self care when stuck at home

Find a 20 minute time to close the door, and offer yourself a masking session! Tell your family/roommates/spouse etc that you will take a 20 minute break for yourself so no one bothers you. Lock the door if you have to. You deserve 20 minutes to refresh.

Our recommend: An anti-fatigue mask to refresh and to rejuvenate.

Looking for a pre-made mask sheet? Try this energy mask.

Why? Because while you are busy taking care of family and friends, you can subtly and slowly forget to take care of yourself, stay hydrated, or take care of your skin. This 20 minute Saturday habit will start a routine of self-care while you are stuck at home.

BONUS!! Have an extra 20 minutes? Add a glycolic peel before your masking session.

find time for self care when stuck at home

Why? RIght now, many people have been issued a "stay at home" order. You aren’t outside so now is the time to repair. With all glycolics, it’s recommended to stay out of the sun (evne a high spf won't always do the trick) because your skin is more susceptible to damage after a peel. Perfect timing as you will be indoors more anyway.

It's all about routine.

Set up a self-care routine you can handle doing every week. Same time; same place. Your mind gets to take a break, and your skin will thank you for it! But even more importantly, you mind will be able to take away some anxiety!

Until next time, beauties. <3

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