Since its creation in 1948, the TALIKA laboratories have been developing original and effective products that suit women's needs perfectly. All started at the ophtalmological department of the famous Paris hospital "Hôpitaux de Paris". A young women Doctor, named Danielle Roches, develops an anti-bacterial cream with plant extracts to help cure people suffering from dramatic face and eyes burns due to war casualties. The results of her cream are astonishing: the lashes of her patients regrow quickly and dramatically. This miracle discovery is the birth of Lipocils, universal "best seller", that has seducted and helped millions of women thanks to its efficiency. Today, Talika proposes original and permanent solutions to all eye care, hand care and nail care concerns. All products are independently clinically tested by a team of dermatologists of hôpitaux Paris Pitié-Salpetrière. Alexis de Brosses, President of Talika explains: "My vision of our company and brand is to propose products that are developed with full respect to Nature and to our customers". I have only one aim: make the women who use the Talika products happier and more sereine in life."