It all started with a little tub of a dramatically different kind of sugar scrub. In 2002, beauty entrepreneur Jessica Kernochan was struggling to find a highly moisturizing body exfoliator, so she set out on a mission to create one of her own. Her goal was to create something new and indulgent, yet efficacious, a body scrub that leaves the skin protected, incredibly moisturized, and glowing. She imagined a product formulation so unique that no manufacturer could create it. Determined, Jessica built her own lab and facility. LALICIOUS, a cult beauty item was born. A range of souffle-whipped sugar scrubs made with natural ingredients, nourishing oils, and decadent fragrances. Today, the LALICIOUS Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub has become a signature treatment in spas worldwide and a beauty industry must-have. With a growing collection of luxurious body products, LALICIOUS continues to expand its brand with the mission to create temptingly beautiful skin from head to toe.