Face Sets & Palettes

Welcome to our beautiful collection of Face Sets & Palettes, where endless beauty possibilities await you! Curated with love and expertise, this collection is your one-stop-shop for all your makeup needs. Discover the Jane Iredale Starter Kit, a must-have for flawless complexion, and the Youngblood Weekender Eyeshadow Palette, perfect for creating mesmerizing eye looks. Illuminate your features with Shades by Shan The Highlighter Palette and achieve perfectly chiseled cheekbones with Shades by Shan The Contour Palette. Indulge in the luxury of Frankie Rose Pro Contour Palette, designed to effortlessly sculpt and define your face. For a touch of versatility, the Frankie Rose 3-Shade Palette offers endless options to create the perfect day-to-night look. Every product in this collection is carefully selected to ensure exceptional quality and stunning results. So go ahead, explore this magical collection, and let your creativity shine through. Get ready to turn heads and embrace your inner beauty! Don't miss out - start your makeup journey now.