Philip B

Based on past observations and experiences, his passions for hair and scalp care, he created home remedies for his clients with dry scalp and hair. He constructed his formulas in his kitchen and salon. He shopped for the finest and freshest ingredients at the local Farmer's Market and herb shoppes. He created potions and treatments that eased a flaking scalp and restored the most damaged hair. He couldn't keep up with the overwhelming demand for his remedies, so a client finally proposed, "If you can bottle your treatments, I will give you the seed money to get started." The Philip B. product line was born. Over time, Philip developed his Four-Step Treatment, which he calls "a Rejuvenating Hair and Scalp Facial". Rejuvenating Oil, Peppermint and Avocado Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Crème Rinse and Detangling Finishing Rinse Spray with Apple Cider Vinegar were the first four products in the Philip B line; the juicy plant-based treatment products were truly innovative, revealing to the world a new level of quality, composition, and performance.