Kevyn Aucoin

Kevyn Aucoin was a man ahead of his time. The self-made makeup artist turned industry icon painted and sculpted some of the day's most famous and beautiful faces in his short, yet prolific career. Though he worked with celebrities and royalty, he is an inspiration, most profoundly, to all women, revealing true timeless beauty in a way no one has before or since. His talent went beyond the technical, able to highlight and transform not only a woman's assets, but reveal something deeper within her soul. 

Despite his untimely passing in 2002, Kevyn Aucoin's vision lives on through his unrivaled, time-tested techniques, his New York Times best-selling books The Art of Makeup, Making Faces, and Face Forward, and the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty brand he founded and launched in 2001. Kevyn's most important legacy is the passion he left us with, imparting the wisdom that while true beauty is more than skin deep, it is through the transformative power of makeup that we can discover something deeper about our true selves. Kevyn Aucoin Beauty celebrates uncovering the beauty of the soul, which continues to thrive in our ever-expanding line of iconic products designed to bring out the beauty in you.