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Hum Nutrition | Hair Sweet Hair & Killer Nail Supplements

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Did you know nutrition is linked to skin breakouts?

 Eating more foods with antioxidants help clear acne. As Dr. Murad has once said, eat your water! Consuming more water-rich foods, so essential nutrients are better absorbed into your body for total skin health. Changing to a healthier diet with richer foods can clear away scars physically and emotionally. Nutritionists suggest micro nutrients that help you support your health & beauty goals. 

Meet, HUM Nutrition! A highly praised supplement company for many different needs that fits just for you. Each formula contains clinically tested ingredients. Nutritionists over at HUM use clinical research on their products. These products Test for hundreds of environmental contaminants and harmful chemicals like heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plasticizers and come back completely clean! 

Improve hair and nail growth using HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair and HUM Nutrition Killer Nails. Both products contain biotin that promote healthy growth. All HUM products are formulated with clinically proven ingredients and are non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, sustainably sourced, and independently tested for purity and potency.


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Hum Hair Sweet Hair Supplements are vegan berry gummies formulated with folic acid for longer, stronger healthier hair. There are 60 gummies in one bottle for 60 days. You take two everyday, with, or without food. 80% of people noticed a difference in length over the course of a 3-month period.


How it works
  • Biotin supports hair, skin and nail health
  • Zinc promotes the health of hair follicles, helping prevent hair loss
  • Fo-Ti helps stimulate healthy hair growth + maintain healthy color


hum nutrition sweet hair gummies


Hum Nutrition Killer Nails Supplement supports longer, stronger nails + hair. This high-potency vegan biotin supplement supports nail and hair health for length + strength from root to tip. Strengthen your nail thickness and reduce splitting and breakage with one capsule per day with food. 30 capsules in every bottle, covers you for the entire month! 25% of people noticed thicker and stronger nails over the course of consistent usage over a 6-month period. 


hum nutrition killer nails supplements

Hum Nutrition uses no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. These clean formulas are all vegan ingredients, clinically tested, and validated for purity and quality. 

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