By Terry

Terry de Gunzburg is the main driving force behind the brand she created and founded, and which she continues to manage, in partnership with her daughter, Marion Assuied. The art she has collected over many years has inspired her bold, original vision of beauty and innovative approach. Originally from the southern Mediterranean, she lives between Paris and London, and loves to travel. She guesses and anticipates women's needs, stays in tune with the trends and is constantly innovating. Her visionary spirit and know-how have spurred the creation of expert objects of beauty that are unconventional, ingenious and sumptuous. She invents new techniques, successfully combining ease of use with sophisticated performance and a multitude of results, to radiantly enhance all women and all personalities. Terry de Gunzburg has established herself as an architect of women's beauty who sees colour in all its facets and depths, a beauty "artivist", a citizen of the world. She is a master of design, who uses technology to fuel exclusivity and creation. She is more than a makeup artist – she is the one and only Beauty Designer.