Shades by Shan

Shanberries is an Executive Producer, considered to be San Francisco's biggest influencers and hostess. Shan currently hosts several TV shows, Cal Hi Sports on NBC California, Gas Money on CBS and NiteCap on KBCW. She enjoys music, fashion, makeup, discovering good eats, dancing, traveling, and of course her Flamin' Hot Cheetos!

Shan’s love for makeup has led her to create a beautiful line that she is excited to share with the world. Shades by Shan is her brainchild and has worked hard to bring it to life. Each color has been carefully chosen and tested by her to create the perfect look. A portion of proceeds from each purchase goes to support single parents in need, through her nonprofit organization, The Mamaberries Nonprofit Foundation. Together, Shan is confident that we can make it a little easier to help them raise the next generation.