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Live Your Best Brow Life This Holiday

Brows. One of the most complex areas of the face to master, and definitely the most difficult, good brows can make a look as quickly as bad brows can ruin one. Planet Beauty carries an amazing brow brand that has made waves across influencer communities and really carries its own in the world of good brow products, it's Sigma of course! You can find their famous brushes here.

Follow these quick steps to apply brow pencil for your natural shape:


Finding Your Brows Start and End Point

1. Find your arch. Using your brush as your guide, place your brow brush next to your nose. angle the top of the brush so the base sits at the outer edge of the nose and the top extends over the pupil of your eye. This is where your brow arch should be. Lightly mark the area with the fine tip of your brow pencil. The height of the arch is going to vary and will develop when the brow is drawn.

Recommended Product: Sigma's Angled Brow Brush #E75

2. Find the end of your brow by brow brush next to your nose one more time.

Angle the brush so the base stays at the nose and the tip passes over the outer corner of the eye. Draw a light mark with your brow pencil in this area — this is where your brow should end.

How To Make Your Brow Arch

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How To Fill in Your Brows to Look Natural

3. Draw your brow Now that your have the start, arch and end points, all you need to do it connect them.

Using a light hand, create small hairlike strokes starting at the inner corner and moving outwards for a natural brow look. Start slow. You can always add more product later if you like a bolder brow!

Sigma Eyebrow Pencils and Brow Wax products can be found in stores only. Call your local Planet Beauty to get yours today.


How to Use a Spoolie Brow Tint

Using your spoolie brush, begin to brush your brow hair upwards. This will help you define your brow shape, while also pinpointing the areas you want to fill in. You don’t want the brow to be stiff before applying your chosen product, so by using something pliable, try Sigma's PRIME + CONTROL BROW WAX (found in Planet Beauty stores), and you’ll be able to set brow hairs in place while still allowing for even product application later on. Take a spoolie, like the E80 BROW AND LASH, to brush the product through in an upward motion, This will set your brows into your desired shape.

Recommended products: Sigma's Brow Wax (in-store only) and the E80 Brow and Lash Brush


Best Highlighter Pencil for Brows Los Angeles

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Now that your brows are defined and beautiful, it’s time to clean them up! A brow highlighter can make a HUGE difference in the overall finish. Using a creamy, blendable product in a brightening shade, lightly draw along the bottom edge of your brow. Then, blend the product out using a small, but firm, concealer brush. We recommend our 4DHD™ PRECISION! And done — it’s that easy!

This will define and lift the brow bone while illuminating the eye area. And remember, the brows are sisters, not twins so they do not have to be 100% the same. 

Recommended Product: Sigma Beauty 4DHD Precision Brush

Until next time, Beauties...❤️

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