Keranique Hair Regrowth Therapy:

Keranique is your advanced solution for thinning, flat, lifeless hair in women. Engineered specifically for women, these products deliver outstanding results for all hair types. The Keranique haircare system follows a simple three step process: cleanse, condition, and treat:

Step 1: Cleanse with Revitalizing Shampoo. For deep hair cleansing, the Revitalizing Shampoo offers you everything you need. Many women suffer from thin or thinning hair simply because their hair follicles are clogged. When pores on the scalp get blocked by excess product buildup, your follicles will have trouble producing healthy hair.
With the vitamin-enriched and antioxidant-infused shampoo, your scalp will never feel cleaner. Keranique is formulated to deep clean not only your hair itself, but also the roots and follicles which produce new, healthy hair.

Step 2: Condition with Volumizing Conditioner. After your hair is clean, it must also remain protected and fortified throughout the day. The Volumizing Conditioner is enriched with a hydrolyzed keratin compound. This creates a barrier between your hair and the environment. The Volumizing Conditioner also helps protect hair against problems like humidity, heat, and moisture affecting your hair.

Regrowth and Volumizing Options from Keranique
Step 3: Treatment for Volumizing or Regrowth. The treatment stage of Keranique can vary based on your individual needs. For clients with thinning hair, the Hair Regrowth Kit will produce the best results. This kit includes the Minoxidil hair regrowth treatment specially formulated for women.
For women who only need help thickening their hair, the Thicker Fuller Hair Kit produces impressive results. This kit includes the follicle boosting serum, as well as a volumizing lifting spray. The spray gives you instant volume and added protection to your hair.
Keranique's hair care systems will help you get the results you've always wanted. Stop suffering from thinning and unhealthy hair! Keranique will bring your hair back to the healthy volume you've always wanted.