Leyla Milani Hair

Leyla Milani is the brainchild behind Milani Hair Extensions. As an actress and former Deal or No Deal model (Lucky #13), Leyla was always getting compliments on her famous locks and fan mail from around the world asking how to get her look. Although she was fortunate enough to be born with a thick head of hair, after more than 200 shows on D.O.N.D and countless other TV and film roles, Leyla started noticing her hair breaking own and losing its luster. All those hot tools, teasing, and styling products had finally taken a toll on her once healthy hair. She didn’t want to turn to expensive and often damaging “glue-in” or “sew-in” salon hair extensions as she saw firsthand the damage it had done to many of her model/actress friends’ locks, but she just couldn’t find high quality, yet affordable human clip-in hair options. Still, she had to do something. She couldn’t stand another day frying her hair or worse, risk losing most of it! That’s when MILANI CLIP-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS were born—the do-it-yourself, affordable, clip-in and-go hair extension solution! Milani Hair is made of premium, 100% organic human hair which means you can cut it, color it, and heat-style it— just like your own hair. And it’s so easy to use too. Simply clip the pieces (there are 7) into your hair—right in the comfort of your home—and in just a few minutes you will have longer, fuller, more beautiful bombshell hair.